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Jake Biernbaum

Jake Biernbaum has been helping the public with their horses since 2008. He got his start as a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor and Horse Development Specialist and now owns and operates Pear Tree Ranch in Ocala, Florida.

At Pear Tree Ranch Jake, his wife Stephanie and their son Johnny invite people to share in their home to learn about horsemanship while balancing that journey with getting their horse developed to where they can have a balanced relationship with the human and the horse being educated.

Jake has been passionate about photography since 2000 when he began developing his own film and printing pictures in a dark room while in high school. He went on the study in college until he moved on to studying horsemanship and horse development.

Jake is proud to support Hidalgo 365 and the combination of two of his passions, photography, and horses.

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Ryan Rose

I was a professional horse trainer for 4 years before coming to Parelli. I discovered through the hard knocks of horse training that in order to really have success with horses, I needed to first become a horseman. The place to learn for me was from Pat Parelli, so after spending 4 weeks at the Parelli Center in Florida, Pat Parelli made me an offer to stay on long term as mastery student. I spent the next 4 years at the Parelli Center making my way through the program and graduating as a Parelli Protégé. I have led numerous courses on Campus including several Fast Tracks and spent thousands of hours riding with Pat Parelli as his assistant trainer.

I am now out teaching all over the United States, thru clinics, workshops and private lessons. My passion is making the world a better place for horses and humans thru Love, Language and Leadership by building a solid foundation and partnership thru the Parelli Program. I am currently making The Horse First Farm, in Brooklyn Wisconsin my home station. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope to see you at one of my many events.

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Sam Podlogar

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Theresa Fincher

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