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About Hidalgo 365

Hidalgo 365 is a participation based challenge designed to motivate you to spend more time with your horse.

But it is more than just a challenge, it is also an online community of passionate horsemen and woman ready to encourage you in your horse life.

A basic Hidalgo account is Free and the challenge enrollment fee varies between $5 and $25 depending on challenge length and when you enroll.

So if you have trouble motivating yourself, or are interested in encouraging others to spend more time with their horses, get signed up for a free account and get enrolled in a challenge!

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What is Involved?

During a Challenge you are daily required to spend 15 minutes with your horse, during that time you take a picture of your horse or you with your horse, and upload it to the application.

The photo you upload does not have to be from during the time you spent the 15 minutes with you horse. But it must be from that day. If it is not from that day you will be disqualified from the oportunity to win the prize.

By the end of the month, you must select a photo to submit as your photo of the month.

At the end of the month, all the submitted photos will be judged and a winner will emerge.
Then the prizes will be awarded.

The Photos you upload will be stored in the application for you access whenever you want them.

Also, if you do happen to miss a few days here or there you are not disqualified or anything like that. You will just lower your chances of winning by a little bit.

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About Me

How Hidalgo 365 got Started

I'm Sam Podlogar, I am originally from Wisconsin, but I now live in north-western Montana. I've spent most of my life with horses and have struggled with motivating myself to spend the kind of time that my horses deserved playing with them.

So in July last year, I created Hidalgo 365 to help motivate other people to spend more time with their horses. I was initially inspired to create Hidalgo 365 when I found myself spending less and less time with my horses, I started keeping track of every time I played with my horses and taking pictures of them to remind me of the time spent with them. In order to encourage my family to spend more time with their horses, I created an application that they could use to share photos of their horses with the rest of the family.

Eventually, it turned into a challenge of who could spend time with their horse for the most days of the month. Then my dad suggested I should make it available to the rest of the horse world. and Hidalgo 365 was born.

I initially pre-launched it in July of 2016 and am now getting ready for the first full release.

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What Participants Say

"Here in Michigan, we had some really nasty days that didn't encourage me to get out there. If it wasn't for this group, the joy I get out of seeing everyone else's photos, and the knowledge that we were all doing this together, I wouldn't have spent as much time at the barn. The coming months are only going to get worse weather wise but I know that you all will be looking over my shoulder, whispering in my ear 'Go spend at least 15 minutes with your horse, you're going to feel a lot better after you do." - Karia R.
"My daughter and I really enjoyed the challenge. It kept us motivated and accountable to each other. Also enjoyed thinking up creative photos." - Marina S.
"I enjoyed doing the challenges. hard to get good photos alone but still had loads of fun connecting with others and seeing their awesome photos." - Candace B.
"Spending 15 minutes with your horse each day will change the relationship you have with your horse. The Hidalgo Challenge gave me a supportive online community that shared in our journey." - Lisa G.
"15 minutes a day isn't much in the scheme of things but it can mean everything in the relationship you have with your horse 😊 I wasn't always the most creative with my photos but it sure was fun trying and seeing what the other participants came up with. looking forward to participating again 😊." - Carla C.
"Loved this Challenge so much. I learned so many interesting things about my self, my creativity level and of course my relationship with my horse. When the challenges ended my horse seemed as disappointed as I was. I'm excited to participate again. I signed up today. Love the new system. Only took one minute to pay and post our picture." - Christina P.